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Win a fantastic Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Win a fantastic Canon EOS-1Ds Mark IIFor eight weeks, you can win great prizes in free-to-enter Crestock Photography Contest 2007, including a Leica D-Lux 3, a Nikon D40x + Photoshop CS3 and the Grand Prize – a fantastic Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II pro dSLR.

The contest is FREE to enter and anyone can take part, aspiring amateurs as well as pro shooters. Just sign up and submit your best photo for a chance to win one of their fantastic prizes.

The entries will be judged by the public as well as by judges from some of the most prominent photography sites and blogs of the world.

There are three rounds, each with a different theme, and you can contribute one photo for each round. Sign up and submission is completely free and without commitment.

The winner is determined 50% by public vote, 50% by our highly qualified judges’ votes.

Round 1 is now open for submissions: the topic is “The Meaning of Life” and the prize is a Leica D-Lux 3. Round 1 Submission start on Monday 23rd April and ends on Monday 7th May 2007…

So get in on the action and submit your entry now, or check by and vote for your favourite contest entries in the coming weeks and rounds.

Good Luck…



Adobe Photoshop CS3 Unleashed…

photoshop_cs3.gifAfter installing Vista Ultimate, for some odd reason I was unable to install Adobe Photoshop CS 2. Tried in vain to reinstall, only led to frustration. While looking for a solution on March 27 Adobe have unleashed the creative suite 3 product Line. What a coincidence? And it specifically says that it supports Vista, hmm… Can’t wait to try this.

Starting way back in 1997 when messing with friends faces was a miracle, I have been using Photoshop, lets say I am an addict. I have worked on all versions. I will humbly agree that there is nothing like Photoshop, as far as image editing is concerned. Its final product quality and creative possibilities are limitless. It is as smart and creative product as the user…

The newer Photoshop CS3 comes in two flavors, the standard CS3 and the CS3 Extended. The only difference is the extended version have additional tools for 3D editing and motion-based contents and performing image analysis… It is rather a mixture of Photoshop, Premier and a bit of web, scientific and architect needs, added from here and there.

For right now, I will be concentrating on Photoshop CS3. Similar to early versions Photoshop do not introduce any mind boggling differences between versions. Again, there is only a handful of new features. Including smart filters, quick selection, refine edge tools, improved vanishing point and black and white conversion. For details of these new features visit the adobe website.

 I am already doped for the mere thought of it. Only very few enjoyments are comparable to few hours of digital image manipulations with Photoshop.