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Island Community Portal

I am not sure if anyone of you have heard about Island Community Portal (ICP). An ICT portal system initiated by ex Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology (MCST) with the help of UNDP to bridge the gaps between islands. One of my personal favourite projects.

I did an intensive study in both Dhaalu and Gaafu Dhaalu including interview based surveys, awareness programs and trainings, of course with the help and support of MCST. I would like to convey a special thanks to Ms. Malika, the Project Manager from MCST, for without her skills, support, encouragement and belief in ICP this project would have never gone even this far. At the same line thanks to the visionary and farward thinking Mr. Midhath Hilmy (current high commissioner to Malalysia) for his special and personnal interest in this project.

I did bet all I had on this, both time and money, as I believed in every single word that is said on this report and I still do. I am sharing the business sustainability report that was presented to make this project a success. The portal itself was coded in LAMP. Anyways it is a property of Government.

Few weeks before the launch of the portal the Ministry was out of commissioned (I guess Maldives is too advanced to have a Ministry for ICT but don’t take my word on that!) and the project went havoc! The task was later deligated to NCIT but it never had the impact and support to come alive, at least personally that is how I felt and I lost the zest! (I may be wrong here!) After several months NCIT did approached to re-initiate the project. However, knowing that it had limited funding and the codes had some last minute bugs due to a critical change in PHP programming language and our dependent on that and owing to the fact that I had made other commitments, I decided not to devote my time on something so criticed! Sorry to say this, but I have no faith in NCIT!

Anyways, I still have faith in this project. Have an open mind, for this might sound flattery and wishful thinking to some people but by any chance if anyone shared a similar interest and think can get enough community support, I will be excited to work on this (with respect to my availability)! On the other hand you are free to use the concepts and ideas in any fashion you want!

Last I believe this report should belong to the public domain but at the same time I know this is a Government property, so if they want, they can sue me for sharing without consent!

icp_sustainability_report.pdf (in pdf format)


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Computerization of Revenue Generation Processess of MPA

This is a system Analysis Report I did for MPA on computerization of the revenue generation processess of MPA. This is a draft of the first of two part analysis reports. This report deals with my recommendation for the information and decision support needs of the system. Thanks to my friend Shafee, she did all the drawings.

The project did not kick off to reasons I simply can’t reveal in this blog. The project was abundaned after a weeks of research and submit of the first draft reports. So I guess this is not a property of MPA for the fact they did not pay. Maybe it did not meet their expectations or something I said in this report, who knows! Truth is I was too pissed to bother to know!

So you are free to use this or part of this in any fashion that you want and I would be glad if this report be of some help to anyone.

MPA Analysis Report – First Draft (in pdf format)

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Dhuveli Pvt Ltd Business Plan

Here find a business plan I did for a client on a transportation service within Ari Atoll and to and from Male’/Airport. Unfortunately after a week of research and compiling the business plan, the client forgot to pay! So I guess it is better to share this rather than let it rot in the abyss of my hard disk. Note it has been three years so most of the data like prices will be outdated by now (and excuse any grammatical errors, I could care less…)

You are free to use it in any fashion you want. I hope someone make some benefit out of this or just use it for an inspiring read. Just let me know if you need the Microsoft Word copy of the file…

Dhuveli Pvt Ltd (in pdf format)