Computerization of Revenue Generation Processess of MPA

This is a system Analysis Report I did for MPA on computerization of the revenue generation processess of MPA. This is a draft of the first of two part analysis reports. This report deals with my recommendation for the information and decision support needs of the system. Thanks to my friend Shafee, she did all the drawings.

The project did not kick off to reasons I simply can’t reveal in this blog. The project was abundaned after a weeks of research and submit of the first draft reports. So I guess this is not a property of MPA for the fact they did not pay. Maybe it did not meet their expectations or something I said in this report, who knows! Truth is I was too pissed to bother to know!

So you are free to use this or part of this in any fashion that you want and I would be glad if this report be of some help to anyone.

MPA Analysis Report – First Draft (in pdf format)

  1. #1 by nass on May 13, 2007 - 11:26 pm

    looks ok… BTW, i’d never seen forks used vertically (in the activity diagrams)… maybe we havt studied those yet.

    n also EnnDot sounds a bit familiar… i think i rejected one of ur proposals to make a website before i came here… we awarded the project to the ppl who proposed the lowest fee 🙂

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