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Sandy Islands Maldives Website

sandy01.jpgThe coding and designing work of or is complete! This is another low budget website with a host of back-end features. The site is designed and hosted used LAMP, like all other sites. Design and content are separated using CSS, HTML and MySQL. Among the features of the site includes ability to browse resorts by price range, lodging type and location. Additionally alphabetical listing and a complete list of the resort is also available. As for the safaris, it is the complete list of safaris along with alphabetical listing.

As the site is designed in a way that the client can change and manipulate each and every aspect of the site. Hence, most of the data entry is left for the client and the preparations are underway. Expect to see more complete information and new images in the coming days.

sandy02.jpgAs for the administration panel, is divided into updating the resorts, safaris, about us and Maldives data. In addition the client can create their own categories, price range and others. Resorts and safari information can be added and edited with upload of unlimited photos in any given category. All of these done without leaving the site or without the use any external upload program! All images will be automatically resized and thumbnail.



Sandy Logo…


I am known to give too may options to my clients. Likewise after a long long time I got a client who was interested in a logo design. Actually this is a redesign of a logo project I handed over to a friend. They really did not like the previous logo so I had to redo it. Pick your choice and your free to criticize! I will tell you later which logo the client liked.


Proud to be a Maldivian…

You have to check this out… better click it out…



Photoshop Code Name…

Nothing too productive, just fun! Each version of Photoshop have a code name! Like version CS3 is named red pill! If you want to know the code name of Photoshop


Just press and hold CTRL key while selecting Help > About Photoshop…



Aren’t Photoshop guys cool?

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Photoshop Tips: Cool Twisted Designs

Creating twisted or circular designs using Photoshop is one of the simple and easiest of all. The procedure is rather widely used by design applications! This can be tried either in Coreldraw or Illustrator too! But I prefer Photoshop! So let us start!


1. Create New Document (Ctrl+N) – Photoshop default or 300X300 pixel
2. Create New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
3. Select Brush Tool (B)
4. Choose Brush Palette

5. Take a soft brush
6. Change the spacing so it looks like dotted lines
8. Select red as the foreground color
7. Back in the document while pressing and holding shift, draw a line

8. Press Ctrl+Alt+T (transformation with a copy)
9. Press and hold Alt and move the center point
10. Rotate at an angle of roughly 10-15 degrees

11. Press Enter/Return to commit the changes (note a new layer would be created automatically)
12. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift T, to repeat the transformation in a new layer! Keep on pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift T until you get the desired effect!

You can select all the layers and group them or convert them to smart objects for better handling!

That is it! Just use your imagination!


Batch processing photo watermarking process

You can batch process the watermarking process so as to automate it! However, this requires a bit of actions, so here is a step by step guide on creating the action as well as the batch processing step!

So there are two steps, batch processing can only be applied to to action! So first we have to create an action!

So for the step one, creating your watermark action, follow these steps

1. Open an image in Photoshop (any image would do, preferred same size as the rest of the photos!)

2. Choose Windows > Actions
3. When the action palette pops-up
4. Click on the create new actions
5. Give the action a reasonable name


6. While making sure the record button is active

7. Just do the steps for watermarking your image (it is a good idea to reset everything to normal and follow a logical order)! Here are my steps!
1. Press ‘D’ to reset foreground/background
2. Press ‘X’ to switch white as foreground
3. Press ‘T’ to select font/text tool, select the font size and name to your liking and start typing
4. To center the text, select the move tool, (V) hold on the Shift (or Ctrl) key and select both the font and the image from the layer palette
5. Click on Align vertically and horizontally to current layer

6. Select the font layer (to de-select image layer)
7. Reduce the opacity of the font layer to 25%
8. To merge to visible, press Ctrl+Shift+E

8. Now end the recording


Now your action is completed and it is time for the real action

Batch processing your watermark action!


1. Choose from the file menu: File > Automate > Batch…
2. Here you have all sorts of cool options
1. Choose the Action, in our case watermark
2. Select the source, whether it is a folder or opened files
3. If a folder, you can select to over ride the various dialogue boxes and if to include subfolders
4. You can change a different destination folder or just to save the watermark to your selected images
5. Thats it and just press ‘OK’

Note: if you are working on ‘jpg’ or other similar formats than the image quality dialog window will still popup (this can be overriden if you have a save action within the created action, but it make things a little complicated at times)! So just press ok!


Watermark your photos before sharing

If you want to watermark your photos before sharing with people, it can be done in two simple steps in Photoshop. Yes, all it takes is two simple steps!

Step 1. Type your text or create a new layer and place your logo or symbol where you want it at the desired size! White color watermarks look more realistic than any other color.

Step 2. Reduce the opacity of the new layer to 25%.

That’s it!