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Vista Business Card


The business card needed a little twist, so it is designed as a bifold with company info on the back, and photos of the two safaris as the inside of the card.


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Vista Interactive CD & Cover Design

Here is another design of Vista Interactive CD! The project included both the designing and the creation of the interactive CD contents, featuring 60 resorts and 7 safari live-aboard vessels.

cd-cover-front.gifBack of the Cover

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Vista Maldives Safari Brochure

Haven’t updated the blog for some time now so here is something new. The Island Safari Brochure! Nothing too fancy just a regular brochure done at the nick of time…
vb01_p12_01.jpg vb02_p02_11.jpg vb03_p10_03.jpg
vb04_p04_09.jpg vb05_p08_05.jpg vb06_p06_07.jpg