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ahmed fahud studio Brochure

Another simple brochure of ahmedfahudstudio! The studio specialized in creating and editing videos for Atoll TV and other clients. This is the first draft submitted along with Atoll TV brochure and I am waiting for their comments! enjoy!


design team: Siba & myself


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Atoll TV Brochure

Atoll TV Brochure, done for Atoll TV an international TV channel featuring documentaries and others videos of Maldives globally! This is the first draft and I am waiting client’s comments! enjoy!


Design Team: Siba & myself

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Colorbank Website

Another low budget brochure website done under a week. A database driven site, so the client can change all the texts and photos of the site as they wish using the custom designed back-end, content management system.

I had second thoughts on posting this site on my blog, but whats done is done, so be it. So don’t comment on the design aspects of the site! It’s done as the client wanted and it perfectly serves their purpose. “To communicate to our clients, our products and services.”

I wish businesses would dedicate a good budget for their online presence, but I guess its not in most peoples priority list. Anyways, enjoy!


P.S. Thanks to Azu ( for helping me out on tidying the back end, I simply lost interest.