Project Management with OneNote

I am a big fan of scribbling, as and when an idea comes up I have to scribble it down. May it be a todo list, features of a website or a design idea. So far I have used sticky notes and have tried electronic alternatives with less comfort. I have even developed my own program for this mere tasking. However, its been a year or so since I have started using Microsoft OneNote. I don’t like Microsoft much, but I have to say OneNote is a wonderful product, its flexibility is remarkable as a note taking tool for I am still using it…


One significant ease of the oneNote is the ability to find by searching. With sticky notes this becomes a pain when its misplaced (which has happened more often then I can count) . The other feature that I find useful is the ability to add to Outlook todo list just by a simple right click. Then I sync the Outlook todo list with my O2 XDA phone and I have the progress of all my project everywhere I go. I never miss an appointment or a deadline just because no one reminded me of, for its always on my phone home screen. I even do take notes on my O2 XDA and sync it back to OneNote but this feature is only helpful in emergency cases. Another feature I have begun to love is scribbling with my pen on OneNote for design sketches. I have also password protect sensitive data, a feature rarely found on other note taking tools.

No matter how huge or small a project is, OneNote has made me go paperless, though I still miss those sticky notes. Even with all this I was never an organizy freaky, but I guess OneNote has taken a part in my personal life too. However, I am finding it hard to sell this idea to my staff.

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