Don’t let me down!

I see a load of books and advice on the market on getting clients and on marketing, truth is I have no problems getting clients and projects. I have found that the hardest thing to do in a business in Maldives is to get good, talented and dedicated staff. It is not about the pay or working environment or even appreciation. The problem goes way too deeper than that.

One fact is one in every two Maldivian is addicted to a nutty habit. Either it be drugs, sex or politics. I have long learn that too much of anything is sure to ruin your life. Discipline is the key to success in life.

If not addicted than they are psychologically and emotionally unstable. Drifting away in the swings of their moods. Never sure of where their sailing or even if they are sailing but living because they are alive. Fighting away the precious time in this world.

The younger generation have no hopes and dreams in this place. For no matter how hard someone tries or toil for, there is no certainty of creating a future without getting corrupted or cheating. Becoming a slave to an unethical cause. The idea of a career is alien to us, and we settle down for a job at some place at the mercy of an insecure boss. Taking responsibility and initiation is a crime. Have to be spoon fed every tiny little detail of the deal like robots.

It is a sad story, but I shall not stop hoping and dreaming for light in this dark. I will invest my money and time on our brothers and sisters, I shall depend on them to create the future. So don’t let me down.

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