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And another wallpaper…

Ok, here is another one…



Another wallpaper…

Another wallpaper…


Another wallpaper inspired by Mac!

Find attached another wallpaper inspired by my iMac!

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I love my iMac!

It has been a while since I updated my blog, it was a hectic and some what too exciting to give time for my blog. So what is new? I have got my first iMac! It is truly an inspirational product. Simply said amazing, it has made me wonder what have I been doing in the Windows world? I should have switched to Apple a long time ago! Now I don’t even want to touch Windows! Ok, enough talk about Apple iMac, my creativity is bugging me so here is a screen shot of my iMac for your pleasure and two wallpapers that I have done for my Mac! All credit goes to Apple, what can I say, it just inspired me… I love my iMac!

A screenshot of one of my desktop, I have two running in parallel!

Here is the wallpaper that I have done for my Mac! If you want the source file in psd or want to know how it is done, you know how to bug me!

Here is another wallpaper with more or less the same concept! Sexy huh?

Take care and enjoy!