Find the Saturday of any week using PHP!

When dealing with weeks, one problem that I face is the difference in week start day! For us the week start with Saturday but for the most parts in the rest of the world the week start with Sunday or Monday! So in PHP calculations and queries related with weeks, it is important to find the previous Saturday of a given day in a week! The following function will tell you the Saturday of any week, provided you give it any day within the week.

function wksaturday($day) //input format: d/m/yyyy
$tmp = explode(“/”,$day);
$dateob = mktime(0,0,0,$tmp[1],$tmp[0],$tmp[2]);
$toadd = -1-(date(‘w’,$dateob));
$toadd += 7;
$dadate = mktime(0,0,0,$tmp[1],$tmp[0]+($toadd),$tmp[2]);
return date(‘d/m/Y’,$dadate);


How to use it:


$mydate =’24/12/2008′;
echo “saturday: “.wksaturday($mydate); //output saturday: 20/12/2008




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