Find the duration in hours and minutes of two times using PHP

Another function that you can use to find the duration of any given two times. If you know PHP you can modify this further to include years, days & months (if you need help let me know!). But right now it will only say the time differences of two inputted times, which is actually what I need for now!

function duration($start,$end){
$tmp_e = explode(“:”,$end);
$tmp_s = explode(“:”,$start);
$start_time = mktime($tmp_s[0],$tmp_s[1],$tmp_s[2],8,8,8);
$end_time = mktime($tmp_e[0],$tmp_e[1],$tmp_e[2],8,8,8);
$durationt = $end_time-$start_time;
$hrs = intval(floor($durationt/3600));
$min = intval(floor($durationt/60))-($hrs*60);
$rval = $hrs.’ hr’;
$rval .= ‘ & ‘.$min.’ min’;
} else {
$rval = $min.’ min’;
return $rval;

How to use it:

$timeOne =’12:31′;

$timeTwo = ’15:43′;

echo duration($timeOne,$timeTwo); //output: 3 hours & 12 min



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