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Crestock Photoshop Competition: Round 03

Ok, it is time for the round 3, Extreme Makeover! Well, when it comes to makeovers for me it is a time to let myself go wild and free… I guess it all depends on the personality! So I went wild and free on Photoshop and this is what I ended up with! It took me two days contemplating for ideas and a day and a night to complete the artwork! With hundreds of layers things got really slow! To save, each time, it took nearly 3 minutes and about 5-7 minutes to do intensive effects, even a simple re-size!

Anyways I really did enjoyed creating it, so it is now your turn to enjoy it!

the sacrifice


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Crestock Photoshop Competition Round 02

For round 02 of the Crestock Photoshop competition it was a scary work for the Halloween! Actually I had a hard time coming up with something scary. Why? Well, how can one recreate a feeling that one never had for a long long time… So at the nick of time this is what I came up with. Enjoy!