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Temptation can kiss my ass!

Ok, I need to get laid, but I am being stubborn! So hear me out! Temptation can kiss my ass!


Another wallpaper, enjoy!


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Wallpaper – Creativity…

Was a bit frustrated so to help me hang on, just created this wallpaper! Enjoy!



And here is a screenshot of my desktop…


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Vista Company Profile 2009

It has been a while since I haven’t posted anything on this blog! So here is one design work that was done last March 2009! Finished on a tight deadline of 4 days using Adobe InDesign.

The whole artwork, except for few tweaks and ideas, was done by Aflaa (, our newest member to the Design Team.

For your viewing pleasure, 😉 find below the first few pages of the Vista Company & Travel Services Pvt Ltd, Company Profile 2009.




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