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MOSS: Your Monthly FLOSS Magazine Issue #02

MOSS: Your Monthly FLOSS Magazine is celebrating the release of it’s second issue. That’s right folks – the SECOND issue!!!



Comments on Laptop for Every Teacher Initiative

A Laptop for Every Teacher Initiative is a good initiative, but it lacks direction and vision! Are we trying to replace typewriters with more expensive typewriters called computers? Or are these to help the teachers make their lesson plans? How? Using more  Google, they are already doing it!

I believe we need more than that, we need full utilization of IT! We need to implement school management systems, change the culture and
start living in it. A very important key to all this is Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).

We need to make use of tools like schooltools,

For colleges and higher education we need to make use of tools like moodle,

And it is said ‘cheap price’, how can it be cheap when Windows 7 Ultimate cost $319, MS Office Cost $250 and a good virus scanner cost like $60. For 500 laptops this sums up to $314,500, that is like 4 million Rufiyya wasted.

But we have proven FLOSS alternatives, completely FREE, like:

And this option do NOT get infested with virus and malware, and think of the productive a laptop can get when it is free of this headaches.

We definitely need to make better choices at a hard time like this!