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Earth at its rotation

A 3D test render of the earth at its rotation. Emphasis on the word ‘test’ 🙂 Enjoy



3d Laajehun

The design, the image map need more work, but I got lazy! Anywayz, will come back to it later… Enjoy!
3D Laajehun

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A Vibrating Soft Object

A test animation render to see the difference of several tweaking, actual output file was rendered in NTSC DV quality, took four hours and was over 200 MB! (1000 frames set at 29.97 fps giving 33 seconds of animation). This file has been compressed using quicktime pro, hence quality and size has been reduced for transfer over the internet.
Anyways enjoy this soft object in a vibrating bowl. 🙂

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The power of yoga!

Yet another 3D render, a practice session of camera composition. Enjoy!

name: the power of yoga
render time: approx 25 minutes
3d model: my first 3d human figure, ‘aisthu’

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Another 3D render: When alone, One should be enough!

When all work is pending, for everyone except me is on vacation, there is only one option. So here is another render that took 1 hour 1 minute and 6 seconds to render (to check the speed of my MAC)! One glass of wine should be enough for someone alone! Enjoy!



A 3D render after 7 years

Today just bored of the holiday blues and a bit out of curiosity I opened 3d studio max and this is what I end up creating. Every single item was drawn from scratch but since it has been nearly 7 years away from 3d studio I definitely need to brush up my 3D skills. Anyways enjoy!


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