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Crestock Photoshop Competition: Round 03

Ok, it is time for the round 3, Extreme Makeover! Well, when it comes to makeovers for me it is a time to let myself go wild and free… I guess it all depends on the personality! So I went wild and free on Photoshop and this is what I ended up with! It took me two days contemplating for ideas and a day and a night to complete the artwork! With hundreds of layers things got really slow! To save, each time, it took nearly 3 minutes and about 5-7 minutes to do intensive effects, even a simple re-size!

Anyways I really did enjoyed creating it, so it is now your turn to enjoy it!

the sacrifice


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Photoshop Competition Voting…

I have voted in the second round of the election 2008! For who, is not much of a big secret… Next is the worst part, I hate waiting… But we have to wait until one wins, to check the result live visit here… So while waiting why not participate and/or cast your vote on Crestock Photoshop Competition too, a competition to show off your creativity and Photoshop skills, among the many out in the net! Thou I have missed a couple of entries more or less I do participate in this competition every year! What for? It is fun and exciting!

The first round was about US Election 2008, a propagenda poster, it is over and here is the one that I came up with! Click to enlarge!

If you are a photoshop dude or dudy and have some time to kill, head your way to 2008 competition. The first round is over, but you can register and enter the 2nd, 3rd & 4th round. While you are there remember to cast your votes!

Note: This post is time sensitive…


Leaflet design for WTM 2008

A small leaflet designed for WTM 2008! enjoy!


TVM New Logo!

I guess it is about time TVM changes their logo! Here is one candidate!

Are you really serious TVM is changing their logo! I have no idea, I was just fooling around with Photoshop! Just blink your eyes while looking at this wallpaper!


And another wallpaper…

Ok, here is another one…


Another wallpaper…

Another wallpaper…


Another wallpaper inspired by Mac!

Find attached another wallpaper inspired by my iMac!

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