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Photoshop Tips: Cool Twisted Designs

Creating twisted or circular designs using Photoshop is one of the simple and easiest of all. The procedure is rather widely used by design applications! This can be tried either in Coreldraw or Illustrator too! But I prefer Photoshop! So let us start!


1. Create New Document (Ctrl+N) – Photoshop default or 300X300 pixel
2. Create New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
3. Select Brush Tool (B)
4. Choose Brush Palette

5. Take a soft brush
6. Change the spacing so it looks like dotted lines
8. Select red as the foreground color
7. Back in the document while pressing and holding shift, draw a line

8. Press Ctrl+Alt+T (transformation with a copy)
9. Press and hold Alt and move the center point
10. Rotate at an angle of roughly 10-15 degrees

11. Press Enter/Return to commit the changes (note a new layer would be created automatically)
12. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift T, to repeat the transformation in a new layer! Keep on pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift T until you get the desired effect!

You can select all the layers and group them or convert them to smart objects for better handling!

That is it! Just use your imagination!



Photoshop Tips: Blending Layers 01


Blending layers in Photoshop is one of my favorite and a powerful tool! I use it a lot, so just for those folks who do not have yet learned the power of layer blending in Photoshop, this is a quick and dirty tutorial.

I just took a photo of my sofa and three other textures to blend to form a simple but eye catching creative in less than 7 minutes.


First to follow the steps you will need the four images, just right click and save them to your hard disk!

blending01sofa.jpg , blending01image01.jpg, blending01image02.jpg, blending01image03.jpg

Open all the images in Photoshop

1. Drag the Image 01 on top of the sofa image

2. While the image 01 selected click on add new layer mask

3. Select the newly added layer mask
4. Select the brush tool, shortcut ‘B’

5. Press ‘D’ to change the default colors (Background black and foreground white)
6. Press ‘X’ to to switch foreground/background color (to bring black to foreground)
7. Start brushing to erase the outer borders of the image 01 (Hint: you can use ‘[‘ and ‘]’ to increase and decrease the brush size)
8. Press ‘X’ again to switch foreground/background color (to bring white as foreground color)

9. Zoom in (Hint: Ctrl+’+’ to zoom in, Ctrl+’-‘ to zoom out, you can temporary change to ‘hand tool’ if you press and hold spacebar very useful to pan the image! Works everywhere except while typing)
10. Using the brush tool (while white as the foreground) start brushing so to neatly bring back the image 01 to align to the borders/edges of the sofa! If you reveal too much and need to erase just press ‘X’ and start brushing! And again press ‘X’ and brush to bring back the erased parts of the image as needed!

11. Once erased for your hearts content, click on the Image 01 Layer from the layer palette (so the layer mask is no longer in focus)

12. On the layer palette select blending mode and select ‘darken’ and thats it!

13. As for image 02, I split it into two and aligned it to the sofa side and front! If you want to distort the image just press Ctrl+’T’ for transformation, and press and hold Ctrl while dragging the corners of the image. For the side of Image 02 I used ‘multiply’ as the blending mode and for the front I used ‘darken’
14. Similarly bring the image 03, erase to fit and blend it to the back of the sofa, I used ‘Overlay’ as the blending mode for the back.
15. That’s all for this final image in less than 7 minutes…


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to throw them…